Updated TalentQuest Succession Module Helps Businesses Plan for the Future

TalentQuest, a provider of cloud-based talent management software and consulting, recently announced an upgrade to its already powerful TQ Succession Module. The newly upgraded Talent Search feature will enable leaders to quickly discover talent within their organization, compare top talent head-to-head, and better plan for their companies’ future success.

The enhanced Talent Search functionality – powered by TalentQuest’s proprietary search algorithm – reveals partial or full matches for either a specific skill or a group of skills and qualifications clearly illustrated by percentage match. This at-a-glance view of an employee’s qualifications brings relevant talent data to the forefront, letting leaders and HR managers uncover hidden talent within their organizations and identify high-potential employees.

The upgraded Talent Search functionality gives organizations deeper visibility into their talent pool as it:

– Quickly puts key employee information at their fingertips with a “baseball card” view of the employee’s data and a preview of their position on the talent grid (9-box)

– Allows for a more complete understanding of risk-of-loss/workforce planning

– Helps plan prospective next roles for high-potential employees in the organization

TalentQuest’s proprietary Talent Search feature automates the succession planning process with powerful search and analytical features, making it possible to identify employees who are qualified and ready to fill open positions. With the enhanced search solution, searches can also be saved for further evaluation at a later date.

“Companies today need a reliable solution to help them evaluate their current talent and plan for the future,” said Kevin Sessions, president of Atlanta-based TalentQuest. “In developing this latest offering, we listened to the needs of our clients and elevated our tool to help streamline the search and evaluation process so managers can spend more time focused on meeting their business objectives rather than pouring through endless employee details.”

The upgraded Talent Search functionality joins the Talent Review and Bench Strength Analysis features in positioning TQ Succession as an innovative and industry-leading succession- planning tool. With TQ Succession, companies can efficiently create developmental plans for key individuals, specific departments, or even the entire organization.

The Bench Strength Analysis feature provides companies with the tools to conduct an interactive graphical analysis of bench strength using a dynamic org chart. The Talent Review component allows companies to review a candidate’s potential fit for a future position by noting their promotability, possible future roles, and risk of loss, all displayed in an interactive, side-by-side grid.

More information about TalentQuest’s succession planning solution is available at www.talentquest.com/corpsite/software/succession-planning. For more information about TalentQuest, please call (866) 377-6106 or visit www.talentquest.com.