The Travel Trolley celebrates five years of seeing the world

The Travel Trolley is celebrating five years of chronicling interesting places to visit, travel news and great places to eat.

The Atlanta-based website, which launched in June 2009, focuses on visiting historical places and roadside oddities. While the site features travel news, it isn’t the typical travel news website and instead focuses on a more whimsical approach to covering travel.

The site has a particular affinity for random roadside oddities, particularly items classified as the “world’s largest.” Among the many light-hearted and fun destinations chronicled, The Travel Trolley has visited during the past half-decade include the World’s Largest Peanut in Ashburn, Ga.; the World’s Largest Field of Concrete Corn in Dublin, Ohio; and

The Travel Trolley is the sister site of, a site dedicated to ferroequinology, and, a site focusing on politics.