Todd DeFeo is an award-winning writer and communicator whose articles have appeared on websites and in publications nationwide.

Todd has focused on content since he built his first website using Geocities. The fascination has only grown since those days.

His website development interest manifested itself with the development of several popular sites, including Sightseers’ Delight, a travel website, and Railfanning.org, one of the most popular websites dedicated to the hobby of train-watching and railroad history.

He parlayed an interest in content and story-telling into an editor position at the college newspaper, then into full-time roles with newspapers, including as a freelance correspondent in college and at newspapers in Georgia and Tennessee.

While working as a Georgia newspaper reporter, he was tapped to build a digital-first mindset and bring it to life for readers. He took that same mindset into public relations, using a content-first approach to telling his clients’ stories.

Whether as a journalist or a marketer, stories must be told in the format that makes the most sense, whether a long-form article, a series of social media posts or a photo essay. Today, Todd has forged a role that plays to his strengths: a mix of journalism, public relations and website development.

Starting in 2019, Todd published a series of railroad history books, including the first-ever complete histories of the Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville and Indiana, Alabama & Texas railroads. He is a noted speaker, sharing information about well-known and obscure railroads.

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