If you’re not responsive, you’re behind the times

That it’s 2016 and the subject of whether a website should be responsive is a bit astounding. But, so many sites today are still not designed to properly render on mobile or tablet devices.

People today consume news and information on a plethora of devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. As a marketer, it is important to deliver information to customers on the platforms where they want to receive news and information.

Simply put, if you’re not responsive, you’re behind the times. Why? Consider these three reasons:

  1. SEO: For starters, a responsive design also has SEO ramifications. Many top search engines now give preference to sites that properly render on mobile devices.
  2. Higher Bounce Rates: In addition, websites that are not mobile-friendly tend to have higher bounce rates. That is because people who try to load these sites on cell phones often give up because the experience is so frustrating.
  3. Your Customers Want It: In an era where people need little excuse to look at one of your competitors, why give them an easy out?

The good news, it is easier than ever to create a responsive website, and many website designers offer cost-effective solutions for responsive and mobile-enabled websites. So, what are you waiting for?