What anonymous reviews say about the world today

Glassdoor reviews are funny. Not in a ha-ha sense. More that it says a lot about the world today.

Think about it. People posting anonymous rants online about a place they dislike. Companies rebut them with planted posts.

It is a vicious cycle.

I have never posted a review on Glassdoor or any other employer-reviewing website. I am not sure what good it does. If I was that angry with a place, I would rather tell the proprietor face-to-face. That is the more decent thing to do, rather than going behind a person’s back and spreading misinformation.

But, alas, we live in a modern world. And, anonymous posts, comments and reviews are very real threats to reputations today.

Companies, organizations and people need to remain vigilant. It is cliche to say, but people are happy to define your story for you if you give them the chance to do so.

Focus less on that anonymous Glassdoor review and more on defining your narrative. Besides, if you are so worried about one online review, does it hit too close to home? Is it perhaps a little too close to the truth?

It is not too late to chart a new course.