Consider this before you repost that contributed byline on your website

Marketers often ask whether it’s kosher to repost a contributed byline on a personal or company site.

The short answer is it depends on the agreement with the publication. If it’s unclear, the “better part of valor” is to ask.

After all, do you want to ruin a relationship with a publication, especially one that might accept additional contributions in the future?

Consider these three thoughts:

  1. Content published on a reputable website gives companies the “third-party credibility” they desperately crave.
  2. Don’t forget the SEO ramifications of posting duplicate content. For that reason, a “write-through” is beneficial.
  3. And, it’s nice to drive some traffic to sites that publish the content. Many are struggling these days and can use all the eyeballs they can get.

I understand the importance of driving traffic to your site, but if no one visits sites that run bylines, where will all the bylines go?