Railfanning.org continues to highlight role of railroads in Marietta

MARIETTA, Ga. — Railfanning.org continues to publish new content highlighting railroads and the role they played in the history of Marietta, Ga.

The website, which focuses on all aspects of railroads, first launched a page dedicated to Marietta in 2003. The site attracts both avid and novice railfans.

Over the years, a number of articles related to Marietta — including a profile about the historic Glover Machine Works, an article about the 1916 locomotive on display downtown and a brief history of the Western & Atlantic Railroad — have been published on the site. Railfanning.org has also featured photo galleries documenting trains passing through the heart of town.

Railfanning.org, which launched in 2002, also features extensive information about the Civil War’s Great Locomotive Chase — also known as the Andrews Raid — in which Union spies attempted to destroy the Western & Atlantic Railroad. Participating members stayed at what is now the Kennesaw House the day before stealing the famous General locomotive in nearby Kennesaw, Ga.

For more information about railroads in Marietta, visit railfanning.org/trackside/marietta/.