Why you need a case study program in your marketing program

One of the integral components to any B2B marketing program is a library of case studies that can, for starters, be used for media relations, website content, social media and collateral. Really, the opportunities for usage are endless.

Think about it this way: Many companies announce new products and services with a news release that goes into great detail about the benefits of the aforementioned new offering. But, so many times that initial release is not followed up with a piece or more information that articulates the benefits and shows a real-life example of how the service, software, tool or widget can be used in a practical setting.

Consider this example: Your client is a hospital that needs a new cost-effective widget that does X, Y and Z. The good news is you happen to make a widget that does X, Y and Z and is also 25 percent less expensive than one offered by your competition.

You can say all that, but how much more powerful would it be to say that and hand a copy of a two-page case study that showcases how another hospital used your widget, saved lives, rested kittens and reduced expenses by 25 percent? Very is the answer, which is why you need case studies. Multiple to showcase all of your products and offerings.

From there, this information can be repurposed an endless number of ways and integrated into your other ongoing marketing efforts.

So, ho do you begin?

As a first step, take a moment to think about the full range of case studies you would like to (and can realistically) generate. Then, compare that list against your key messages, areas of focus for the year and your business objectives. Start by creating case studies that help with you core objectives and expand from there.

Not sure where to begin. Let us know. That is what we are here for.