The value of participating in civic organizations

Many organizations debate the value of joining business groups as a part of their marketing plans. The one piece of advice I give is don’t bother joining if you aren’t going to be fully involved.

Association outreach is like everything in marketing. It takes an investment of time, but the payoff can be great.

Perhaps the single best is new connections. From making a speech before a civic organization to serving on a board, these groups are great ways to meet new people, whether a new client, a potential employer or a mentor within the industry.

Associations also give companies large and small a platform to share their message through speaking opportunities.

But, a speaking opportunity before a civic organization should not begin and end with the speech itself. That appearance should be an opportunity to create more content that can be pushed out via a number of platforms, including social media and traditional media relations.

The biggest piece of advice when considering a level of participation in any group: Do not view it as merely an opportunity to sell. View it as a long-term relationship that requires some level of give and take.