Blackhat SEO is tempting, but Whitehat is better for customers

Everyone today is looking for an SEO advantage. It is easy to be lost in the clutter that is the internet of today.

That has given rise to many so-called Blackhat SEO companies. In short, these companies post a lot of information and links back to a client website.

The idea is a lot of links equals great SEO. But, many times, this content is indecipherable gobbledygook published with the sole objective of linking certain keywords to a website.

Many search engines are becoming better at weeding out this garbage content. But, Blackhat SEO has ramifications for customers.

Think about it this way: What if a prospect does a quick internet search and this page of verbal nonsense is the first content he or she sees? Is this content the first impression you want to make? As everyone knows, there is only one first impression, and it might be difficult to make a second first impression.

That might mean a lost sales lead. When that happens, how valuable is your Blackhat SEO?

The good things in life take time. And, the same goes for SEO. Marketing requires a long-term view based, and that can be frustrating at times. But, more often than not, success is not achieved over night. That is why it is important to put a plan in place to guide content to be created over the next six, 12, 24 months that is continually cross-referenced (and refined) against key messages, business objectives and other real world needs.

The reality is, the Bee Gees were right. “It’s only words, and words are all I have” to make Whitehat SEO a real thing for you. Do you have a plan in place?