Back on Track

The marker in Kennesaw, Georgia, marks the start of the Great Locomotive Chase of April 12, 1862. (Photo by Todd DeFeo/The DeFeo Groupe)

The Goal

  • Elevate a municipally owned museum from a local attraction to a national destination

The Approach

  • Turned the website into a hub of news and information about programs, events and history
  • Did not rely on the media to tell the museum’s story; created a proactive approach of telling the museum’s story director to members, visitors and potentially interested parties
  • Took an existing campaign that relied on traditional advertising and public relations methods (i.e.tried and true news release and print advertising) and turned to a primarily digital approach, speaking to audiences where they consume news

The Results

  • Museum Attendance: Increased by 23 percent over past two years to more than 42,000 visitors
  • Museum Membership: Increased 26 percent over past 18 months